Meet the Team

Keitha Scarfo

AP/AR-Contract Management-Co Owner

I have always had the passion for Construction & Business since I was a little girl. Starting at 3 year old sitting on a front in loader or Pan (wheel tractor-scraper). Watching my Pops in the Construction industry It was instilled in me at an early age to have the ability to do both my job and assist others, and make their projects just a little bit easier. 
I am a very motivated and personable individual big mouth at times, who feels that I bring more to the table because of my personal background; education and Hands ON experience of 30+ yrs. in the Construction/Business 
The dedication and knowledge that I have is what makes up Scarfo Construction & Roofing llc.  From 100k projects planning to taking care of something as simple as a $1k project is what My company is about. Having the time to have that one on one relationship with My clients.
I have a enthusiasm for taking on tough projects to do, the ones some don’t have the TIME to manage, or would prefer not to manage.
My everyday Mission is to become better today than I was yesterday, to never stop learning about My true passion, as well as continuing to build a client base of extremely fulfilled individuals who are thrilled with the services that I provide. 

James (Jo) Scarfo

Estimator - Inspector - Co-Owner

Retired General Contractor from Miami Florida. Came to SC in 1993 after the birth of his daughter Angelica to raise his family away from the hustle & bustle of Florida, Enjoys fishing, woodworking, spend time with Family

Nick Scarfo

Specialty Carpenter

Bellamy Cruz-Scarfo

OSHA Compliance Operator

This Handsome guy is Mr & Mrs Granson he runs the show. Without him noone would know what to do! Voted Most valuable employee 5 years in a row!